premiere STRANA/THE PAGE 2022

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Concept, dance, voice, text: Roberta Legros, Bettina Neuhaus
Music: Matthieu Legros

Light design: Matthieu Legros

Costumes: Klára Židková


where and when:

1-2/10 19:30 BRNO Distillery
7-8/10 PEZINOK 19:00 The Schaubmar Mill, SNG
11/10 NITRA 19:30 Domof creativity


The two performers devote themselves to the act of writing in movement, sounds and spoken words.

As their actions continuously fill ‘the page’ of time and space they build together with sound artist Legros a language of poetry.

The piece and its dramaturgy develop along the compositional matrix that the dancers and the musician weave together through their individual choices. At the same time the theatrical lighting opens new spaces that become the next empty pages for the narrative. 

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A production of ORBITA z.s., CREAT STUDIO s.r.o.

Supported by the Slovak National Gallery and Rezi.Dance Komarice.
With the financial support of the City Brno and the Ministry of Cultutre Czech Republic.

poetic writing in dance, sound and words

The Page is a performance project by independent dance artists Roberta Legros Stepankova and Bettina Neuhaus in collaboration with sound artist Matthieu Legros.

The piece is developed by the compositional practice that kindles and houses the instant narrative and poetry revealed by the moving, sounding and speaking body.

The project consists of several work periods in Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Netherlands in 2022/23, including a residency at in Komarice.


Previous studio sharings:
THE PAGE/Sketch #1 at 4BidGallery, Amsterdam February 26, 2022
THE PAGE/Sketch #2 at Prázdný prostor / Empty space, Brno, March 31, 2022
THE PAGE/Sketch ## at Komarice REZI.DANCE, 17.7.2022


Supported by Slovak NAtional Gallerz and REZI.DANCE Komařice,

The project is financially supported by Statutární město Brno, Ministerstvo kultury České Republiky






Photo: Ellen v.d. Kooij















White wisdom
that draws lines
into our wrists
into our hearts

The melody of poor
who look for shelter
- in grass
gazes down at those
who were born from water
and never found
their way back