The ORIGIN UNIT sextet

Instantly composed dance and music




The Origin Unit is an international collective of six artists composing dance and music instantly. Three women dancing, three men making music. Each one represents a different background, yet through a wealth of artistry we meet and stand on the common ground. The personal skill and experience come together and materialize right in the moment of common creation.

Our collective is based in Amsterdam, one of the important European nests for improvisation training and creation.

The Origin Unit performed together for the first time at the Oorsprong curators series the 27th of June, 2016 in Amsterdam. Since then, there has been a common wish to create new opportunities to play together again.

The artists of the Origin Unit are:


Mirte Courtens (NL), Hilde Elbers (NL), Roberta Štěpánková (SVK)


Augusto Forti/clarinet (IT), Marien Okkerse/cello (NL), Philipp Moser/drums (DE)