my therapeutic work


therapeutic practice

In my work, I am interested in accompanying the person towards The own movement. The work is to gradually allow the inner promptings inform the movement of a person. Through my own moment-to-moment built awareness I support the person to listen to the actual need. To recognize That which is actually demanding one`s attention is of accurate importance. It is an intensive work passing through the layers of conscious and unconscious; movement, image and thought, emotion. A further exploration of the movement that seems essential at the moment is given time and space. Through the observation and verbal reflection of what is perceived, we softly “pull the thread” of its potential meanings. The attention of the mind is present, expanding beyond that which is possible to articulate in words. However, words are a useful medium to advance the trasformation process.

Always returning to movement is to in-spire and rekindle person`s body awareness and sense of its meanings.

The work is happening all the time together, in an environment that supports autonomy and trust.

I pay special attention to the experience of the inner and outer space and the transition between them. I consider the moment of change, the switch of attention from one thing to the other as a rich “place” to be explored.





At the moment, I give workshops based on the knowledge I have built through my study and training of dance, psychology and dance movement therapy. The workshops are aimed for people who are interested in working on enriching their personal development, connecting to the deeper layers of knowledge by listening to their moving body and the meanings it comprises.

I also work as a psychotherapist.