elidijkers 2014

The work is being done and so developed.

The wind is being run after and before, depending on the daytime and the time of the day.

The contours are being traced and connected (not always) with patience.

There is time and space to teach, share my knowledge and so grow constantly. The teaching has become an important part of my work and satisfaction of working.

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2017 – now

main focus on Dance, making solo and group dance projects (CZ/SK/NL/ES), teaching dance classes, Phd. study, psychotherapeutic practice

Based in BRNO, Czech Republic.



September, 2016

– 25th, playing (Na)miesto domova at the Nomadic Arts Festival, Bratislava

– Cloud, Den Haag, The Netherlands//one week residency supported by Fond na Podporu Umenia

with Amund J. Røe (music composer) on deepening our communication in composition

– Stichting Grafisch Atelier Minnigh, Rotterdam//presenting the graphic printing work of my father 

August, 2016

– Malleval & St. Agréve, France//magnifique retour a la nature, m´inspire profondement, Lieu – Lien//I am helping with the preparation of the Festival Par Ici la Danse organized by Lisa Gimenez and L´Art Seme & Taking the workshop Working of Time by Julyen Hamilton

July, 2016

– Theatre PôTOŇ, Bátovce, Slovakia//one week residency supported by the Theatre PôTOŇ itself. Working on the piece Instead of home – In place of home with two musicians and a visual artist, deepening our communication//+ leading an introspective movement workshop for the local community & presenting the piece – both warmly received by a variety of people, good piece of work done!

June, 2016

– back to the (home)town//working as a therapist with people who experienced profound trauma at their homes, intensive work then back to the studio

– Brno//I hear that my arts projects are approved, feels like some new door has been open

– Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic//entering exam for the PhD. study, rightaway accepted to research The Experience of Space, come back to academia (?), many internal questions, begins in September

– Prague, Conference Space for Arts Therapies//leading a workshop Between movement and word, valuable new encounters, wondering

elidijkers 2014

whether I will ever live here

May, 2016

– studio work and other works

April, 2016

– Pisztory Palace, Bratislava//Leading an introspective movement workshop in collaboration with Len Tak Tak o.z., an integrated dance group

March, 2016

-Valencia – To come back home!

My prepared workshop is canceled due to heavy fiestas, but contacts are made for soon…

– collaboration – in a form of a workshop for professionals and dance/therapy sessions with clients – with MyMamy, Prešov, Slovakia

February, 2016

-one week – working for Nitra, Centrum Slniečko, n.o.

– entering theatre again (?) – preparing and guiding my own workshop Between move and word, Štúdio 12, Bratislava

– entering academia again – workshop built on the principles of dance/movement therapy for the Psychology students, University of Constantine the Philosopher, Nitra, Slovakia

January, 2016

– New year begins fully by working my dance at Julyen Hamilton´s workshop Evolving technique and making dances, a big privilege to me.

– working on workshops organization in Slovakia and Spain, writing many many letters…

December, 2015     Initiating a collaboration to create a piece (NA)MIESTO DOMOVA with musicians (Š. Haládik, Mates Lukáč) and a visual artist and a theatre director (D. Krištofovičová).

My article was finally published in paper in Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies.

November, 2015      Beginning to work as a dance/movement therapist in Nitra, my hometown, coming for intensive weeks of work.

elidijkers 2014

Studying with Lily Kiara, deepening the body work and technique.

27. & 28. October, 2015     Giving a workshop „In a speed of a minimal movement“, Dance/movement therapy in stabilization of people who experienced trauma & an presentation about Dance/movement therapy in work with traumatized clients. International conference „Also from violence leads a safe way out…“, organized by Slniečko, n.o. Nitra, Slovakia

17. October, 2015     Cassiopeia. An evening in fragments with a hint of gothic, with a shade of death, urban generosity as autumn unfolds. Dance and poetry with Barbara Pereyra, Ilse van Haastrecht, Billie Hanne and Roberta Stepankova. Amsterdam, NL

October, 2015     Workshop “The complex phrase” with Billie Hanne, Amsterdam, NL

28. September, 2015     Piece “A piece of empathy to space”, collaboration with Štefan Haládik. Nitra, Slovakia

September, 2015     Giving a contemporary dance workshop “Soft space” to children and teenagers, Nitra, Slovakia

Organizing and leading a Dance-Therapy experiential workshop ´Body in space, Space in the body´ offered for self-exploration and personal growth. Slovakia

29. August, 2015     Finishing Master in Dance/Movement Therapy. CODARTS, University of the Arts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

29. August, 2015      Piece “(In) Spaces” created in collaboration with Amund Roe, performed at CODARTS, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

20. – 23. August, 2015     “Forgotten in the fields”, a site specific performance with Continuo Theatre directed by Pavel Štourač, Malovice, Czech Republic

July – August, 2015     Workshop with the CONTINUO Theatre. Malovice, Czech Republic

July, 2015     Countertechnique workshop. Amsterdam, NL

15. July, 2015     My article ´The experience with a person with autism. Phenomenological study of the experience with contact and contact reflections.` is published in the Journal of Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies

June, 2015     Workshop ´Words in performance´ with Billie Hanne. Brusells, Belgium

elidijkers 2014

May, 2015     Journey to Mexico

April, 2015     Privileged to observe Julyen Hamilton´s choreographic creative process with the company of the Divadlo Štúdio tanca. Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

March, 2015     Julyen Hamilton´s workshop ´Space Issue´. Brusells, Belgium

February, 2015     Workshop ´Autonomy & Support` with Lily Kiara. Amsterdam

January, 2015     Julyen Hamilton´s workshop ´Evolving Technique and Making Dances`. Amsterdam.

December, 2014     Intensive week workshop ´Flying low` with David Zambrano. Rotterdam, NL

November, 2014     Workshop ´Movement and Communication; Patterns and Pathways` with Sandra Reeve. Amsterdam

November, 2014     Improvisation workshop ´Perception & Communication` with Lily Kiara. Amsterdam

End of October, 2014     Finishing my 9-month internship in a psychiatric day-care organization PsyQ, department of Psychotrauma. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

August, 2014     Improvisation Summer Intensive workshop, ´INside and OUTside, WATCHing and being WATCHed` with Lily Kiara. Amsterdam

August, 2012      Moving from Valencia, Spain to Rotterdam, NL in a full furgonette across the Pyrenees.

Spring, 2012     Studying dance with Eva Bertomeu and living life of a waitress, Valencia, Spain

2011 – 2012     Intensive contemporary dance training „Eleven“ with David Finelli and Melanie Venino. Valencia

Part of a dance company Siboney, co-creation and co-choreography of a dance piece “Ese murmullo en mí”, performing in the “Nights of Cabaret”, Valencia



July, 2011 (since 2009)

Finishing master psychology studies, Masaryk university, Brno, Czech Republic

2010 – 2011     Practice in the Institute of Gestalt Therapy. Valencia, Spain

September, 2010 – May, 2011     Internship with adult people with autism, APNAV, Valencia, Spain

2009     6-months exchange study of psychology at the Universidad de Valencia

2005 – 2008      Bachelor in Psychology. Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovakia

2005 – 2009 different voluntary work in the sphere of personal support, psychology and psychotherapy

1992 – 2004     Part of an amateur theatre group led by Kamila Ševellová, co-creation of performances, participation at theatre festivals. Here my wish to dance begun…



2005 – 2009 Bachelor of Psychology, University of Constantin the Philosopher, Nitra, Slovakia

2009 Erasmus International study abroad, Universidad de  Valencia, Spain

2009 Internship at the Institute of Gestalt, Valencia

2009 – 2011 Master of Psychology, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

2010 – 2011 Erasmus International internship at Day care center for adult people with autism, Valencia

2011 – 2012 Alternative contemporary dance formation, Valencia

2012 – 2015 Master of Dance-movement therapy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

elidijkers 2014

2014 – 2015 Internship at the department of Psychotrauma, PsyQ, Rotterdam












































photos by Eli Dijkers, 2014