Forgotten in the fields. August 2015

Forgotten In The Fields (5)

Is a piece ensuing from a short month-long collaboration and learning process with the Continuo Theatre – its director Pavel Štourač, visual artist Helena Štouračová and the actors/dancers of the company (Kateřina Šobáňová, Zuzana Smolová, Martin Janda, Michal Puhač, Alessandro La Rocca). The project took place in Malovice, Czech Republic, where the company is settled in a reconstructed impressive space.

During this month, theatre, dance, voice and work with masks came together and complemented each other through its distinctive qualities. Very rich group working on the summer project and though, an intense experience which touched my perspective of the process of creation a piece and being a part of the theatre ensemble.

— (yo) Continuo!