A piece of empathy to space. 28th September 2015


A Piece Of Empathy















A piece of empathy to space was a spontaneous initiative I undertook with a musician Štefan Haládik in my hometown Nitra, Slovakia.

The impulse for this collaboration was the annual interantional theatre festival Divadelná Nitra that held a theme Empathy this year.

(Empathy) .. was coined by German aestheticians seeking to describe and analyze in depth the act of viewing painting ans sculpture. ..they posited a kind of physical connection viewer and art in which the viewer´s own body would move into and inhabit tha various features of the artwork. (S.L. Foster, 2011)

Our piece, to add to how empathy happens as well. I created this piece out of my desire to awaken one of the most ´walked through` streets of my hometown. My dance was created in the space of a street we share daily, bringing our intimacy (in)to it, our particular knowledge.