The Far Side

Dance, voice, text:
Gianna Grünig (CH)

Bettina Neuhaus (NL/D)
Ursula Sabatin (AT)
Roberta Legros Štěpánková (SK/CZ)

Video and editing by Jana Papenbroock
Recorded in December 2019 at Dock 11, Berlin.




Four dancers from different European countries,
with a shared background of longstanding experience
in Instant Composition started working at the end of 2019
on the base of periodic rehearsal meetings.
This studio work resulted in significant elements, insights
and new directions for the performance THE FAR SIDE.

The piece is built through movement, voice and text
within the relational angles of a quartet.
The cultural and linguistic diversity within the group
enriches the ensemble. Four distinct characters create
through dynamic dancing, stillness and eloquent images
a performance that invites the audience
into a world of poetry and story.

Trailer Part 1



“How many times have we run and not found an end?” 

Divided territories

Shadow and light – no clear line


Soft fight

“Scream silently.”


“Where do we come from?”       

Hidden and seen

“I am many.”