This is the archive of the piece From behind horizons, indigo
by Gianna Grünig & Roberta Legros Štěpánková
made in the years 2018 – 2019.

To archive is to allow past be future at the same time.

To archive is …

Feminine eye from behind the sea waves.


Sentimental. Sanguineous. Joyful and deeply touched.
Ground and smoke.
Line is not a smooth line yet a curved and ragged line.
Dirt and dust saved in its flows and ebbs.
Corners of our soul untidy with the palms she caresses her knees.
Passion floats above.
How far can I see without looking?

Blue of all blue
In the sea
And in a full moon night the sky
In water in nature a flower
Mountain flower blue
No animal, no tree
Indigo only for the æther
For the spirits
Beyond the spirits
Indigo in my memory
My memory indigo
Indigo in the ink
In your left eye
In the veins that landscape my body


“Yesterday, I washed the mud of my shoes,
the mud we passed through in a wet afternoon of search.
Disorientation while her body relates to the skies.
Handling a midnight blue fruit of her love.
My gaze glides along the thin, defined line between the elements. A line of no conclusions.
All seems to fade out towards the edge of what she still can see.
I stand on a high belfry when she asks: How does it feel to belong to another time?”